BRITs outfits: As many wardrobe malfunctions as success stories?


While the BRITs brought us a fair portion of stunning gowns and dresses, there were also a substantial number of terrible wardrobe malfunctions on the red carpet this week.

Cher Lloyd's fuchsia sequin catsuit was an acquired taste to say the least – and fashionistas will certainly have questioned her decision to pair her one-piece with zebra-print high heels.

But then again, we should probably give Cher credit for retaining her individual style, which made her such a hit on the X Factor.

After all, isn't experimentation what fashion is all about?

Personally, I think I fall on the Rihanna and Florence Welch side of things when it comes to BRIT outfit choices: ball gown rather than ballsy.

The great thing about Rihanna and Florence Welch's choices is that they switched dresses halfway through the night. So if photographers didn't like their initial outfits, there was at least another opportunity to catch them looking fabulous.

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