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Company History

The background to the globally successful label is as romantic as the clothes. Hiro and his wife Radhika migrated to the UK. Born out of a passion for beautiful fabrics and exquisite clothing, Hiro and Radhika began the Aftershock story in 1985 on a market stall in Petticoat Lane in London's East End. Radhika was forced to sell her wedding ring so they could purchase a market stall with the dream of one day creating a new, unique, dynamic fashion concept. 

The result that followed was a spectacular range of stylish, contemporary daywear and eveningwear aptly named Aftershock London. Their first store opened in Market Place in 1992. The franchise programme was introduced in 2003 and the brand began to grow expand internationally. 

Today Aftershock London is a multi-national fashion retailer with over 150 stores and concessions. The iconic and truly impressive flagship store is located on South Molton Street and design studios opened in London’s west end on Mortimer Street in 2007 in the heart of London's fashion district.


Then name "Aftershock" was coined after a series of "shocks" in Hiro and Radhika's life and starting fresh in a new country. Radhika says "Aftershock is not only a's a way of life. We face challenges everyday and have to find ways to deal with problems to ultimately fulfil our dreams. An Aftershock piece of clothing or accessory represents the path to achieving this; affordable luxury, art and purpose of being. By visiting one of our stores you're not reaching a final destination but embarking on a journey. From the latest diamante encrusted stilettos to long silk satin cocktail and maxi dresses there's no reason why you can't journey in style and find something glamorous for every occasion."


The Aftershock Collection is synonymous with exclusivity and elegant couture. The brand's strength lies in its ability to source unique fabrics coupled with superior tailoring.

The Aftershock Accessories Collection was introduced in 1998 initially to complement the evening wear collection. The range has experienced overwhelming success and has grown to accommodate evening and daywear accessories. The range covers bags, footwear, jewellery, scarves, pashminas, belts and hair accessories.

Between 2000-2005, the company pursued an aggressive expansion plan via its franchise programme employing experienced artisan hand-beaders whilst strictly operating a no underage labour rule, uses fabrics produced in like-minded factories and makes annual donations to local children's charities and hospitals resulting in beautiful but ethical clothing. Most embellished pieces are hand embroidered using no industrious machinery or underage labour proving a luxury brand can also make an effort to be eco-friendly and socially responsible.


Aftershock's effective market strategy has helped the company reach an impressive turnover over the decade. The company launched its exclusive Gold Collection and Bridal Collection in stores and concessions whilst also focusing on the Ready To Wear label for casual, everyday apparel. The complementary Accessories Collection is designed to match with the styles from the collections to complete the overall look. Within a typical Aftershock store there are many options for the customer and a level of personalised service. Simple, yet effective, the market strategy holds true to the brand principles in order to establish a loyal customer base around the world.


Aftershock operates a very successful franchising operation around the world. The Aftershock franchise programme was developed in 2003. There are franchise stores in the following countries:  Italy, Slovakia, Albania, Ghana, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E), Qatar and Saudi Arabia (K.S.A). In return for becoming a franchise holder, Aftershock offer's an unrivalled fashion package that includes daily business support, IT support and exclusive franchisee discounts as well as the unique opportunity to be part of the international Aftershock success story.

The design and buying team work closely with franchise partners to develop specialised product supporting market-focused trend opportunities and cultural requirements in addition to the UK range. They also work alongside a merchandising team to plan products entering international franchise stores to help potentialise sales and manage stock in each store. In addition the UK team support franchisees across all areas of Retail and Marketing to ensure profitability reaches its full potential in each market and the brand identity is consistent globally. These three areas combine to provide a strategic planning and trading support for all new and existing markets and store openings.

Email: to register your interest and apply now for the exclusive rights to an Aftershock franchise for your country or respective territory.