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The Aftershock London philosophy centres on producing directional, design-led womenswear and accessories. The brand prides itself on a strong commitment to delivering innovative, original products with exceptional design, quality and value. Aftershock is British retailer and its signature style since launch remains in the nature of exquisite handcrafted womenswear and accessory pieces. Aftershock offers exuberant colour schemes, beautiful design work, and an array of casual wear, occasionwear as well as stunning accessories to complement the collection within its womenswear range. Celebrity followers include Madonna, Helen Mirren and Katherine Jenkins to name but a few.

Founded over 20 years ago, Aftershock is firmly established in the fashion market as an aspirational brand delivering the concept of "affordable glamour" and "affordable luxury" to its customers. Aftershock currently has over 150 stores and concessions around the world. Aftershock was one of the youngest and most dynamic British brands to receive an award by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain for excellence in bringing British fashion to countries outside the United Kingdom. The brand continues to dynamically grow via its own stores, successful franchise programme and quality department stores both nationally and internationally.


  • To introduce every woman to the concept of affordable glamour - and to then turn it into her style mantra

  • To source only the best products, materials and ideas - and to recruit only the best staff to bring the three together

  • To provide a creative and vibrant working environment for all our staff - and one that encourages them to treat each other with respect and positivity

  • To continuously set the highest standards in terms of design aims - and to continuously better them

  • To develop a strong global brand - and to contribute positively towards the future of all the global communities we touch in doing so

  • To realise that profitability is imperative to the future of the business - but to nurture, nourish and satisfy our customers along the way


  • Founded in 1992 as a womenswear distributor

  • 1,000 European trade accounts achieved within five years

  • Accesories range added in 1998

  • First retail store acquired in 2002 on London's fashionable South Molton Street

  • Ready-to-wear brand created in 2003

  • Franchise programme introduced in 2003

  • Over 5,000 worldwide accounts achieved with leading department stores and boutiques in 2006


  • 150 stores and concessions

  • 5,000 trade accounts globally

  • Over 500 staff worldwide

  • Global ecommerce platform


Aftershock operates a very successful franchising operation around the world. The Aftershock franchise programme was developed in 2003. There are franchise stores in the following countries:  Italy, Slovakia, Macedonia, Albania, Ghana, Egypt, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E), Qatar and Saudi Arabia (K.S.A). In return for becoming a franchise holder, Aftershock offer's an unrivalled fashion package that includes daily business support, IT support and exclusive franchisee discounts as well as the unique opportunity to be part of the international Aftershock success story.

The design and buying team work closely with franchise partners to develop specialised product supporting market-focused trend opportunities and cultural requirements in addition to the UK range. They also work alongside a merchandising team to plan products entering international franchise stores which help achieve sales targets and maange stock in each store. In addition the UK team supports franchisees across all areas of Retail and Marketing to ensure profitability reaches its full potential in each market and the brand identity is consistent globally. These three areas combine to provide a strategic planning and trading support for all new and existing markets and store openings.

Email: to register your interest and apply now for the exclusive rights to an Aftershock franchise for your country or respective territory.


Aftershock stores and products have featured in the following UK fashion and style programmes:


Aftershock is no stranger to the red carpet. UK and US celebrity clients include:


Aftershock's unique and extensive range of fashion clothing, accessories and gifts draws upon specialised manufacturing expertise from around the worldwide, with a particular focus on India and China.

All Aftershock suppliers are asked to commit to The Aftershock Code of Conduct, which is based on the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Base Code. This sets out minimum standards relating to working conditions, pay and employment rights. The company works with suppliers to achieve improvements where necessary through corrective action plans. Progress is carefully monitored through regular visits and audits, carried out by in-house Aftershock specialists and independent external auditors. This includes some unannounced visits to ensure we have an accurate picture of progress.

What are the main points in our Supplier Code of Conduct?

Aftershock is committed to Fair Trade and the protection of the environment. Whenever you buy an Aftershock piece you can feel confident that you are not only buying from an extremely ethical company, which is dedicated to helping reduce poverty and improve the environment, but you are also buying fabulous, quality clothes at fantastic value.

  • Child labour is simply not tolerated, and we ensure that our suppliers never use children in the workplace using both permanent inspection staff onsite, as well sending out British staff throughout the year

  • Equality in the Workplace - Both Men and Women are employed in the workplace, and paid equally

  • Benefits for our Workers - We ensure workers are protected in the workplace with both health and accident insurance. We also ensure that our factories meet all domestic government safety guidelines, and on top of that provide comfortable, enjoyable and safe places to work

  • Education for Workers' Children is provided, and we plan on increasing this wherever possible

  • Training - We ensure all our workers are given the best training from Master Craftsman, including in traditional arts such as hand tye and dying, and specialist embroidery so these important traditional arts are not lost, but benefit our workers

  • Environmental Protection - We insist that the factories use the highest quality control fabrics sourced locally to help boost the local economy there, as well as reduce fuel consumption, and hence CO2 emissions

Aftershock prides itself on long-standing and positive working relationships across its supply chain. Fabric buyers purchase fabrics, textiles, prints and other materials from reliable sources at trade events. It is also strictly forbidden for companies to sub-contract work to factories that are unknown to Aftershock. As a last resort, the company is prepared to stop sourcing from a factory if necessary improvements are not made over a reasonable time frame.

The brand is continuously making progress to source from only the most responsible of suppliers within the supply chain. In due course Aftershock also hopes its efforts will enable it to join the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI). This creates an opportunity to benefit from shared learning and interaction with other members, including companies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and trade unions. The ETI's ultimate goal is to ensure that the working conditions of workers producing for the UK market meet or exceed international labour standards. Aftershock has already implemented a code of conduct in their own factory in India and monitors the efforts of managers so ethical standards are enforced and upheld.

Click here to download our supplier code of conduct


Aftershock is also committed to supporting a broad spectrum of national and international charities. As well as creating and employing a strict code of ethics at our Indian factory in order to ensure the financial and physical wellbeing of our staff there, we are proud to have recently lent our support to the following charitable organisations: